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Become the best version of yourself through inspiring stuff!

Become the best version of yourself through inspiring stuff will present important websites, articles, videos or podcasts to have by your side.

Become the best version of yourself through inspiring stuff will present important websites to have by our side.

Some articles will be highlighted for a quick read on remarkable topics.

In addition, motivating interviews, talks, conversations, lectures or lessons will also have a space in this post.

Why should we take this into consideration?

Because, as storyteller Jack Canfield says, “we only have control of 3 things in our lives:

  1. The thoughts we think,
  2. The images we visualize,
  3. The actions we take”.

Be a sponge to become the best version of yourself!

With millions of educational opportunities to learn from in the internet, what you are about to experience, among other things, is a selection of not only the content created by lifetime mentors, teachers or colleagues of Jose Martínez, but also, the material produced by professionals he is acquainted with through recommendations from others or due to their internationally acclaimed careers.


(The websites listed below are some of the ones with educational content – articles, blogs, conversations, interviews, talks, videos, etc. If an interesting website is missing here, please, do reach out through Contact)

Audition Cafe —
For auditions of all kind and for very interesting articles about music, entrepreneurship, pedagogy, audition-taking, job stories, etc.

Don Greene —
“Dedicated to performing artists striving for excellence”.

Fearless Performance —
“Your fears aren’t your problem. Your destructive responses to fear are your problem”.

Jeremy E. Smith —
“An online resource for brass musicians. [Here] you will find auditions, news, reviews, and articles related to the brass world”.

Noa Kageyama —
“Learn how performance psychology can help you beat nerves and perform your very best on stage”.

Rob Knopper — www.auditionhacker
“With the right work ethic and preparation methods, […] anyone can win an orchestra job”.


AIVIME, International Brass Academy —
With paid and free educational opportunities to learn from.

David Brubeck —
A very complete website with specially remarkable interviews located at “The Fourth Valve” tm & “Seven Positions” tm.

David Werden —
“A great educational resource for players of all levels”.

Douglas Yeo —
“Over 350 pages of FREE information, articles and resources from trombonists and other musicians”.

International Women’s Brass Conference —
“To educate, develop, support and inspire all women brass musicians”.

Jay Friedman —
Includes a ton of publications about the Chicago Symphony, its brass section, brass pedagogy, trombone pedagogy, equipment, auditions, and articles from several of Mr. Friedman’s colleagues.

Norman Bolter —
Reflections about music, trombone and life.

Toby Oft —
“Take ownership of your success” is Toby Oft’s trademark. What is the reason for this? Go check the content, specially the articles, to find out!

Tom Hooten —
A great website of, among other things, “a dedicated and passionate educator”.


Aaron Tindall —
With articles on willpower, sound, mouthpieces or consistency.

Andrew Hitz —
“Musician | Creator | Teacher | Coach”.

Ángel Torres —
The man behind the interesting podcast: “Tocando en banda”

Arnold Jacobs —
All things Arnold Jacobs in Spanish language.

Asociación Española de Tubas y Bombardinos —
The site for the Tuba and the Euphonium in Spain.

Baadsvik Online Tuba Academy —
“Your guide to tuba mastery: it is all about your passion for music – and how you can turn that passion into successful concerts”. —
The site for all euphonium players.

Chris Olka —
All things Chris Olka!

Craig Knox —
A very complete site with wonderful resources on equipment, books, articles, and other learning materials.

Dave Kutz —
With recommendations on recordings to listen to or an excerpt from his dissertation entitled “Arnold Jacobs: Methods and materials of pedagogy”.

David Muñoz —
All about that bass.

Floyd Cooley —
A website with educational content including tips by Cooley, aka COOL-ey Tips!

inBBflat —
Tuba & Euphonium educational blog.

Innovatuba —
Tuba and Euphonium platform that promotes all things Tuba & Euphonium to the Spanish speaking worldwide community.

International Tuba and Euphonium Association —
The site for the Tuba and the Euphonium worldwide.

Jerome Stover —
“We all have unique musical voices that should be heard. Why take the one size fits all approach? We’ll help you find the right tuba or euphonium mouthpiece that fits you”.

Jim Self —
A complete site on the life and miracles of Jim Self, with inspiring articles and information about historical tubas as well.

Richard Antoine White —
A musician who happens to play the tuba and a special motivational speaker.

Roger Bobo — |
“Brass Legend & Educator”

Roger Rocco: Brass Pedagogy and Performance Practices —
“This site is dedicated to the memory of Adolph Herseth, Edward Kleinhammer, and Arnold Jacobs who have profoundly influenced my work and life with their artistry, integrity, and musical leadership”.

The Total Tubist —
“Elevate your playing to the next level”.

Tubamania —
“Connecting, Motivating, and Inspiring our Low Brass Community!”

TubaNet —
All things tuba.

Windsong Press —
“Listen, read and watch Arnold Jacobs – and much more!”.


Carnegie Hall Weill Music Institute —
“It connects young people, families, students, community members, aspiring artists, and educators with creative musical experiences”.

Carrie Schafer —
“A safe space to grow”.

David Peralta —
Social Media & Music blog.

Enrique Gonzalo & Jeroen Sangers —
Personal productivity focused on you.

Entrepreneur —
“Advice, insight, profiles and guides for established and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide”.

Fitness Revolucionario —
Your habits have a great power over your results and Revolutionary Fitness will help you improve those.

Innova Música —
Everything an artist needs.

Jennifer Rosenfeld —
“Where top level musicians go to the next level financially, so they can focus on their artistic & educational legacy”.

Pedro Sucías —
A profesional tubist and an avid sportsman who is committed to raise awareness of the importance of practicing sports as musicians.

Sherezade Soriano — Salud & Vida / saludyvidasherezade
In regards of the practice of sports and nutrition, it is not about the quantity but the quality.
As a ballerina, Sherezade has dedicated her life to training and caring her body. Your happiness is also hers.

Vivirtiendo —
Objetivo: Libertad Financiera


(A selection of recent – or not! – reads. If an interesting text is missing here, please, do reach out through Contact)

Adam Raney — Audition success in Kansas City – All About That Bass (2014)

Alvaro Cortinas — El profesor, ¿nace, o se hace? (2020)

CNN — How social media can affect your job search (2012)

Dennis Nulty — ITEA Orchestral Players Project, ITEA members only

Douglas Rosenthal — A Tale of Two Auditions (2012)

Executive Excellence / Francisco Alcaide — 10 causas por las que no consigues tus metas (2013)

Francisco Alcaide — La peor frase en tiempos de pandemia (2021)

Gene Pokorny
Audition Advice
Interview 1 @ (2016)
Interview 2 @ (2016)

Jarrett McCourt — Active listening (2020)

Jason Haaheim — How did a scientist become principal timpanist of the MET Orchestra? (2017)

Mauro Martins — “Within tubas & euphoniums” interview (2020)

Mike Roylance
Lauren Casey Clide interview: From Disney World to Boston Symphony Orchestra @ ITEA Part 1, ITEA members only (2020)
Lauren Casey Clide interview: From Disney World to Boston Symphony Orchestra @ ITEA Part 2, ITEA members only (2020)
BSO tubist Mike Roylance braves “The Fourth Valve” tm, and the 2015 blizzard (2015)
ITEA Orchestral Players Project, ITEA members only

Pep Burguera — “Within tubas & euphoniums” interview (2019)

Sérgio Carolino — Mr. SC grooves “The Fourth Vale” (2015)

Sergio Finca — Un café con Sergio Finca (2017)

Ramiro Tejero — Interview @ Low Brass Store (2020)

The Bulletproof Musician
Make practicing in 2021 a little more effective with these top tips from 2020 (2021)
How using social media apps before practicing could sabotage practice quality (and performance!) over time (2020)

The Strad — 10 tips for profitably teaching music lessons online (2020)

Thomas Haggerty — Tubist bolsters Beijing-Boston connection (2012)

ThoughtCo. — 5 keys to being a successful teacher (2019)

Warren Deck — Warren Deck takes “The Fourth Valve” on a Journey from Carnegie Hall to Denver (2017)

WikiHow — How to identify your strengths and weaknesses? (2019)

WQXR New York Public Radio — How 4 musicians keep their instruments in tip-top shape (2020)


(Those included in this post are specially education related – conversations, documentaries, interviews, lessons, talks, etc. If an interesting video is missing here, please, do reach out through Contact)

Alan Baer
The Baer Mentality (2020)
New York Philharmonic on tour musicians masterclasses (2009)

Alexander von Puttkamer
Carnegie Hall Tuba Master Class: Wagner’s Das Rheingold (2013)
Carnegie Hall Tuba Master Class: Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries (2013)

Alex Marco — Blog.DavidTuba interview (2020)

Amy Cuddy — Does body language shape who you are? (2013)

Aubrey Foard — TubaDylan interview (2019)

Canadian Brass — Tuba Chats (and more!)

Carl Sagan — Pale Blue Dot (2015)

Carol Jantsch — Tuba Chat with Carol featuring Fritz Kaenzig (2020)

Charles Duhigg — How not to spend your whole day on Facebook! (2012)

Chris Olka
YouTube Channel!
USA Army Band Tuba-Euphonium Workshop (2020)
USA Army Band Tuba-Euphonium Workshop (2019)

Craig Knox
Tuba Chat with Craig Knox (2020)
Interview with PSO’s Principal Tuba (2018)

David Cribb — TubaMania webinar (2020)

David Muñoz/TEDxGijón — De la pasión por la música a través de la tuba (2014)

Demondrae Thurman — The Brass Junkies interview (2020)

Dennis Nulty — Public masterclass (2012)

Gary Ofenloch — The Tuba in the Orchestra (2017)

Gene Pokorny
Tuba Chat with Gene Pokorny (2020)
CSO Brass, CC Tuba & Curly @ Sara Willis’ Horn Hangouts (2018)
TubaPeopleTV (2013)
Bone2Pick Interviews Gene Pokorny (2012)
On the Vaughan Williams Concerto (2012)

Ignacio del Rey — Blog.DavidTuba interview (2020)

Instituto Pensamiento Positivo / Sergio Fernández — Cómo Gestionar el Tiempo sin dejar de Ganar Dinero (2020)

James Markey
365 days practice challenge!
YouTube channel!

Jim Self – Bone2Pick interview (2016)

John DiCesare – Meet the Instrument: Tuba (2020)

José Luis Miralles — Tiempo y lo invisible (2014)

Jose Luis Vazquez “Cote” — Blog.DavidTuba interview (2018)

José Manuel Redondo
Blog.DavidTuba interview (2020)
Conversaciones Banda de Música de Getafe (2020)
La filosofía del Song and Wind (2018)

Kristian Steenstrup — Breathing Fundamentals for Tuba (2013)

Michael Davis — Bone2Pick Interviews

Mike Roylance
The Brass Junkies with Roylance (2020)
Approach to Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries (2020)
TubaMania Webinar (2020)
Brass Chats with Mike Roylance (2015)
World premiering Schuller’s Tuba Concerto (2011)

Oren Marshall — Ciclo Liceu Cambra (2018)

Øystein Baadsvik
Play high notes easy! (2021)
Want to learn faster? (2020)
TEDxTrondheim (2017)

Patrick Harrild — YouTube Symphony Orchestra LSO Masterclass (2010)

Perry Hoogendijk
Quarantine talks LIVE by Martin Schippers (2020)
Besson interview with Perry Hoogendijk (2012)

Professor Mouthpiece — 5 tips for playing the tuba with…
Dr. James Gourlay (2020)
Steve Dombrosky (2020)
Dr. Beth Wiese (2020)
JáTtik Clark (2021)

Rex Martin — TubaPeople TV & Rex Martin (2013)

Ricardo Mollá
Brass Beats interview with Lars Karlin (2021)
Brass Beats interview with Alberto Urrecho (2018)
Brass Beats interview with Ian Bousfield, part I (2018)
Brass Beats interview with Ian Bousfield, part II (2018)

Richard Antoine White — Invisible Thread (2016)

Roger Bobo
“Tuba, Travels and Teaching” with Sarah Willis (2013)
Tuba lessons with Roger Bobo (2011)
Paralysis by analysis topic (2009)

Roger Rocco
Chicago School of Thought @ StomviUSA (2020)
TubaPeopleTV part 1 (2013)
TubaPeopleTV part 2 (2013)

Sasha Johnson
Play With The Masters 1 of 3 (2016)
Play With The Masters 2 of 3 (2016)
Play With The Masters 3 of 3 (2016)

Sérgio Carolino
Tuba Chat with Sérgio Carolino (2020)
YouTube channel!
Low Frequency Conversations @ Instagram (2021)

Sergio Finca
Masterclass (2018)
Blog.DavidTuba interview (2016)

Steve Rossé – Educational Youtube Channel (2020/2021)

TED Talks: Ideas worth spreading — The 10 most popular TED Talks

Tim Buzbee — TubaMania Webinar (2020)

TubaPeopleTV — Arnold Jacobs through his students

Warren Deck — Tuba Chat with Warren Deck (2020)


(Those included in this post are specially education related – conversations, documentaries, interviews, lessons, talks, etc. If an interesting podcast is missing here, please, do reach out through Contact)

Andrew Hitz — The Entrepreneurial Musician
“Preparing today’s musicians for tomorrow’s reality”.

Andrew Hitz & Lance LaDuke — The Brass Junkies
“Episodes featuring interviews with the best brass players in the world and covering everything from the serious to the ridiculous, just like the music business”.

Ángel Torres — Tocando en Banda
Daily routines of a professional wind band tuba player with talks about repertoire, its history, and another educational content.

David Muñoz — Tubas y Tubos
Dedicated to all things tuba, euphonium and the rest of brass instruments.

Ian Bousfield — The Ian Bousfield Experience
“Episodes from Ian Bousfield’s What I Learned From… series; his Heroes of Pedagogy interview series; a mix of highlights from masterclasses, lessons and keynotes; his thoughts on a broad range of topics including pedagogy, the trombone, performance and the classical music world; among other things”.

Jason Heath — Contrabass Conversations
“It features interviews and performances from top leaders in the world of the double bass. It dives deep into what makes these world class artists tick”.

Justin Lerma — The Business Lieder: Connecting Communities Through Business and Music
“A Musician and Business Professional Searching For Meaning”.
Aubrey Foard: Life in an Orchestra (2020)
Seth Horner: Happiness, Being Yourself and Formula 1 (2020)
Aaron Tindall – Grit and Determination (2020)

Monster Oil — Brass Chats
“Conversations with today’s best brass players”.

Ryan Beach — That’s Not Spit, It’s Condensation
“A podcast that explores what makes great musicians great”.
Mike Roylance: I had to make a choice: get my pilots license or pursue an orchestral career (2020)
Guy Piddington: I promised myself the next audition would be the last… (2020)
Matt Bronstein: To this day, I still have no idea why I couldn’t play mu instrument for all those years (2020)
Jarrett McCourt: My way out of the darkness (2020)
Ethan Bensfort: What’s it like to play in New York Philharmonic in one word? Busy! (2020)
Tom Rolfs: I’m not ready to retire just yet (2020)
Ben Wright: If you want to be a better second trumpet player, you need to play more second trumpet (2020)
Tom Siders: I’m an on stage thrill seeker (2020)
Karen Cubides: A musicians guide to social media in 2020 (2020)
Winning the job with…
Aubrey Foard and Nick Platoff (2019)
Mark Maliniak and Jaclyn Rainey (2019)
George Goad and Derek Fenstermacher (2019)
Ansel Norris and Joe LeFevre (2019)

Steve Rossé — Challenges and Solutions
“Connecting, Motivating, and Inspiring our Low Brass Community!”

The Audition Hacker Podcast — The podcast
“With the right work ethic and preparation methods, […] anyone can win an orchestra job”.

Is there anything missing from this inspiring list? Please, do reach out through Contact.
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And always remember to be a sponge to become the best version of yourself!

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