Unimaginable Becomes Reality

Duo2Arts! brings the unimaginable to reality through its performances.

The project was born in 2019 as a wish of a couple to bring their passions together. On the one hand, Sherezade Soriano, ballerina trained in classical and contemporary dance plus theater arts, and on the other hand, Jose Martínez, tuba player.

Unimaginable becomes reality
Duo2Arts! in a promotional photo shoot at the National Auditorium of Music in Madrid. September 2019. PC: Pablo “Teco” Salto Weis from Perfect Pixel.

The first few months of existence introduced the group to audiences in Spain, at the 5th edition of the Numskull Brass Festival in Caudete, and in Portugal, at the 9th edition of the Gravíssimo! Low Brass International Festival in Alcobaça.

Unimaginable becomes reality
Debut performance at the Numskull Brass Festival. July 2019.

The duo also travelled to Toulouse, France, in order to be coached and inspired by actor Cédric Chapuis and actress Margot Mouth (http://www.scenesplurielles.fr).

Unimaginable becomes reality
Receiving coaching from actor Cédric Chapuis and actress Margot Mouth. August 2019. PC: YouTube thumbnail.

Gene Pokorny, principal tubist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, described the Duo’s performance in Portugal as follows:

“It was fabulous. It was great, with a beautiful sub-plot. At the night of the performance, when it was over, the audience exploded. They went nuts.”

Unimaginable becomes reality
Duo2Arts! at the Gravíssimo! Festival. August 2019. PC: João Costa.

Together with the Spanish pianist extraordinaire David Jiménez, Duo2Arts! completed a tour of Spain (Villa del Prado, Chelva and Navalcarnero) and the USA (Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston) in 2019. They presented the brand-new show “Adulthood Stories”, a tale told without the use of words via music, dance and theater.

Unimaginable becomes reality
Duo2Arts! performing at the Chicago Symphony Center. November 2019. PC: Ignacio del Rey.
Adulthood Stories promotional video.

Most recently, the group participated at the 6th edition of the #GESTO Street Dance Festival in Torrelodones (Spain).

Unimaginable becomes reality
Duo2Arts! at the #GESTO Festival!. September 2020.

Upcoming performances include those at the 2021 Ear Taxi Festival in Chicago (USA).

Unimaginable becomes reality
Hoping for the Festival to happen in 2021! Poster made by Sherezade Soriano.

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Boston (USA), Concert Hall, Boston University — December 5, 2019

“What a truly amazing performance and touching storyline. It was our great honor to have Duo 2Arts! and pianist David Jimenez here in Boston”.

Collaborative Pianist, Handel & Haydn Society
Staff Pianist, New England Conservatory

“Beautiful performance. Only the masterful tuba playing by Jose, the sensational dancing of Sherezade, and David’s perfectly matched piano artistry could come together so grippingly. It was an honor to be there”.

Board of directors, Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning

San Francisco (USA), Concert Hall, San Francisco Conservatory — December 2, 2019

“The combination of all three of you onstage was magic”.

Principal Trombone, San Francisco Symphony
Trombone Professor, San Francisco Conservatory
Trombone Professor, Northwestern University

Chicago (USA), Buntrock Hall, Symphony Center — November 27, 2019

“This TUBA and DANCE recital gave a unique view into the synergy of sound and motion in an incredible display of sonic and visual phrasing at its highest level […] I saw a performance with this ensemble in Portugal this past summer [of 2019]. It is absolutely unforgettable. This absolutely must be seen to be believed”.

Principal Tuba, Chicago Symphony
Tuba Professor, Northwestern University

“Wonderful performance and world class playing. I loved everything. The project is growing and growing. Fantastic. […] The most important we have already achieved: it creates EMOTIONS in everyone who sees and listens to the performance. Just beautiful”.

Principal Tuba, Porto Symphony

“My soul is uplifted. Your performance still has a powerful impact on me. It must be seen again and again. Powerful love story with a happy ending”.

International Brass Pedagogue

Seattle (USA), Brechemin Auditorium, University of Washington November 24, 2019

“I had the pleasure of hosting this show in Seattle. This show is fantastic. Jose and Sherezade have created a wonderful story though music and dance. The tuba/piano playing is reason enough to go, but then Sherezade takes it to another level. Go see this!”.

Principal Tuba, Seattle Symphony
Artist in Residence, University of Washington

Duo2Arts! brings the unimaginable to reality through their performances. Keep an eye open for future performances!
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